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Propulse 185

Reliability, Power, Safety

Paramotor suitable for pilot weight from 130 lbs. to 285 lbs. Equipped with a Vittorazi Moster engine of 25 HP 185 cc.manual starter, Walbro 37 carburetor, Airbox, chromed tune pipe exhaust with an extra muffler (silencer), start/stop switch and adjustable cruise control.


GoPro Magnetic Mount

Action sports, including flying can produce beautiful shots – now you can also use a different angle to share your excitement with others!

With both tilt and roll position adjustment, the Apco GoPro Magnetic Mount will give you endless new possibilities and views for your GoPro camera.

FLY Products Flash Trike Premium

New 2013 Model!

The FLY Products Flash Trike premium is a light weight portable 3 wheeler tricycle used as an add-on to any foot-launched Paramotor. The 2013 Premium version includes larger wheels and mudguard for landing on multiple surfaces, It also has the option to be fitted with the new premium harnesses.

FLY Products Sprint 200

The latest from FLY Products

The FLY Products Sprint 200 equipped with a Polini Thor 200 engine of 29 HP 200 cc. The engine has a balance countershaft that grants a great comfort during the flight since it cancels the vibrations.

FLY Products Rider

The popular FLY Products Rider Paramotor is one of the lightest chassis around today.

It is made up of carbon rods, light harness, and a fuel tank with capacity of 12 liters. The entire frame is easily taken apart for transportation.

ITV Boxer

Reflex Wing!

the Boxer is effortless to inflate, lifts its payload quickly without being much affected by turbulent air.

ICARO 2000 Helmets

Top Quality!

Italian design, lightweight, available for Powered Paragliding, Paragliding, and Hang-gliding. Available with communication systems and different styled visors!

Full Collection of PPGS & Trikes

Selections from Propulse PPG & Trikes to Fly Products PPGs & Trikes

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Top of the line Paragliders

Paraglider selections from over 10 of the top paraglider manufacturers.

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Engine Trouble?

Check out our engines and spare parts selection!

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Helmets, Communication systems, Emergency parachutes, Flight Instruments, and more!

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Paramotor Selection

Selection for all

High Quality Paramotors from Propulse & FLY Products. Equipped with the best engines around! Trikes and Quads are also available.

Paraglider Selection

Top Class Paragliders

Trusted Paraglider manufacturers are the only ones offered by us. Take a look through our paraglider selection with more detail.

Helmet Selection

Helmets for PPG, PG, & HG

High Quality Helmets from ICARO 2000. The ICARO Powered Paragliding and Paragliding Helmets set the bench mark for quality and performance in the community. They are the most lightweight and comfortable helmets available. Helmets are available with a variety of visors and communication options.


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  • Flight Suits & Sunglasses
  • Emergency Parachutes
  • Varios and other flight instruments!
  • Agama Water Rescue System
  • Tachometers
  • And More!

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We are one of the most reputable and recognized companies which supply high quality equipment to the Paragliding and Powered Paragliding communities worldwide. Aerolight headquarters is located in Miami, Florida U.S.A.

We have pioneered the most successful distribution center of Paragliding and Powered Paragliding equipment in the U.S. We collaborate with aeronautical engineers, designers and manufactures worldwide in order to produce and constantly improve the quality of products that we exclusively import to the U.S.

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